It's complicated need help

My Spouse filed for a absolute divorce.
Years ago we singed a legal agreement about whom gets what.That was in 2006.
But through those years we did get back together a few times once for little over a month and the other times less than two weeks.
We now have been separated over the year and day.
I as of right now can’t afford a lawyer as a single mom times are tough for us, not his child by the way.
My question is I want this divorce myself. It was living nightmare with all the cheating and bulling.
But when I sign this can he go back and try to sue me or anything.

When I did have a lawyer back in 2006 he told me I was the only client he ever had that went out of his office in worse shape than when I came in.I back off because he was bullied me so bad and threaten my with all kinds of things that were false because he was having an affair and wanted us out of his home so they could move in… My lawyer at the time had to send his lawyer a letter stating that if it did not stop he would issue a restraining order on him. But he did not stop.
I was living in the Martial home at the time and no where to go. So I back off out o fear really…I just wanted out… Yes I know I was stupid to try and save my marriage after 2006 but this is how things go sometimes we want to believe they can and will do better…

We never signed legal separation papers but just a agreement what we were to split. I settle for nothing. If you want to call a washer and dryer and a lawn mower something:). He really got it all.In one of our splits he even took out his IRA and I never asked for a dime of that money. Just I allowed to be able to keep our income taxes that he was claiming my child as a dependent on.He never supported her during that time so I felt it right i got t least that.
But my main concern after this divorce can he come back trying to sue me for anything I own now? Like wanting half of the income taxes for 2009 things like that.He never agreed I could keep the taxes but I did, because he was not supporting us and living with a women with no job and I was not putting any more money in his pocket for them. I kept the EIC and Child Tax credit and let him have what was left.

I’m confused. The papers are at the Post Office now and I need help please.Should I sign them hope for the best or what?
Does that agreement still stand we made in 2006?
I don’t care for spouse bashing and just want it over, but this man is ruthless in his actions.

I’m honestly afraid of him from past issues when trying to work out our marriage he now lives with a women that he left me for. .I’m free of the mental abuse…What if I refuse to sign the papers? Until i seek legal advice.But as of now I don’t see this happening.The last thing now that I look back, would be to ever live with this man again.I just want to make sure all is in order and after I sign these papers. So I never have to deal with him on any issues.Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Once you are divorced he cannot sue you for equitable distribution of property, or support. If you already have a Separation Agreement dividing property his rights to try and get anything from your (arising out of the marriage) disappeared when the agreement was signed.
You may sign for the papers, and do not have to respond in anyway so long as the only claim contained in the complaint is for divorce. The divorce action will proceed and you will receive a judgment of divorce in the mail.

Thank you so much.When I go sign for them. I will read over them very carefully.

You are most welcome.