It's either this or therapy!


I have been marrried for a month now, to a man whose ex has tried to make my life a living hell since I arrived.The ex wife is a meth addict, so my husband and I have full custody of his 6 yr old daughter. The little girl and I absolutely love each other (she even calls me Mommy!!) Anyway, due to her drug problem, she is allowed supervised visitation only, for right now. One time she came to the house with her admittedly drunk mother, and they offered me a drink of vodka. It was Saturday afternoon, so I accepted their hospitality, not knowing exactly what type of conniving people they are. The ex then calls my husband and says that she didn’t think it was appropriate that I was drinking around her daughter (1 drink) even though they came over all soused up. She then proceeded to call me an alcoholic around the community, but never actually to my face and never owned up to it when I asked her about it. She constantly calls the house at 5 minutes till 9 when she knows that bed time is 9:00pm on weeknights(if she even calls at all). And her visitation is unreliable and is usually late (supposed to be once a week). I recently had to take our daughter to a birthday party that the ex wanted to host at her mother’s house. I wish that my husband would get a little more grown up and realize how important it is for her to spend time with her mother, even if we don’t get along with her. So I basically have no support from anyone on the matter. Thanks for letting me vent!!