Joint Custody Impasse

My ex-wife and I have joint custody of our two children. However, I am the primary custodian (designated in the consent order) as my children reside with me 5 days per week. My son has been diagnosed as being AD/HD by a psychiatrist (based on her clinical observation/evaluation as well educational/psychological evaluation provided by his school). His behavior is neither oppositional nor defiant. Rather his hyperactivity/impulsivity significantly interferes with his learning as well as his classmates. His behavior is consistent both in and out of school. He is barely meeting 1st grade benchmarks despite have a measured IQ of 130. The school has documented interventions used to address his behavior none of which have met with any success. He has been referred for special education. Additionally, his doctor and the school psychologist have recommended Adderall to address his AD/HD. While I concur with the recommendations of both professionals, his mother does not. Do I need her permission to place my son on a medication recommended by a doctor? Thank you.

Yes, and if she does not agree you may take the issue before the judge.

Thank you very much.

You are welcome, I wish you the best.