My parental rights

My husband and I separated last year september 1st. we had a separation agreement that said we had joint legal custody.

My son’s school and his pediatrician recomended that he see a phsycologist, because of issues with anger and defiance.

My STBX says I need his permission to send him to one (I’ve sent him anyway, because he did give me permision) But he said I also need his permission to send him to the dr, the dentist, a psycholigist, or even to go out of town for the weekend. He is now saying he doesn’t think my son needs to see the psychologist, so I am afraid of what is going to happen if I continue to send him.

Can anyone explain this to me?
Do I need his permission to schedule appointments for my son? His school, myself, and his pediatrician want him to go to the psychologist. Can my ex, really pull the plug on that?

He has wanted to keep this “cordial” but every time we disagree he yells at me until I cry. I was a stay at home mom for 6 years, and am depending on alimony and childsupport. But whenever I disagree with him, he yells at me until I cry.

I feel outmoneyed and outlawyered, and if I go against him he will cut my alimony and child support. He already told me if I cut his income, he will cut mine. I feel bullied and backed into a corner :frowning:

I don’t know what your agreement says, but if you have a signed agreement that covers spousal and child support, be aware that he cannot arbitrarily reduce the amounts he agreed to pay you. He can threaten to do that all he wants, but if he acts on it, you can file for either breach of contract or contempt, depending upon how your agreement was filed.

Regarding the medical consent issues, yes, if you have joint legal custody and your agreement says medical decisions need to be made jointly, then you have to have his consent to take him to therapy. If he withholds his consent and you truly believe it is important, you can take the issue before a judge.