Joint Legal Custody & PAS


Ex and I have Joint Legal, he has them more than I do, so they attend the school closest to him. I recently asked the school for paperwork, and they declined to give it to me. Guidance councilor told me that he has stated to the school that he has full custody and I have no rights - I’m not even listed on their contact sheet. Instead, a coworker is listed as an emergency contact if he is not available.
I am obviously furnishing them with a copy of the court order to resolve this. He has continuously tried to cut me out of their lives, and told me before he wanted to move them to Memphis so he didn’t have to know that I existed. Talking with him is not an option, he won’t answer the phone if I call, and wants me to only email him, it is very immature. CPS is also working with him currently because he has been hurting the kids, and I wasn’t the one who called them.
What do I do here? He is trying to sever my relationship with them and cut me out of their lives.


You should file an action to modify custody based on the fact that he his hurting your children! I suggest you meet with an attorney as soon as possible so that you may ensure your children are protected.