Joint custody

I live in New York and my ex-wife in North Carolina
My wife asked me to leave for a month. (I went to New York without money. And all the money I earned in New York I sent her and the children. I went to Asheville once a month.) With a letter that allows me to return back home. But she refused to let me go home.
She earned more money
Daily and nightly care of my two children lay on me
Feedings at night games parks and acquiring self-confidence
My wife got the house the car and kept to herself all the savings
My wife tried all religions and beliefs
And finally my wife had an Orthodox conversion.
In Israel. And Israel were married
And we decided to have children and raise them in Orthodox Judaism
But again she changed the situation and decided she wanted another way of her and the children
I asked the children in three different dates. A week each time. Very, very important holidays of Judaism.
So that I could teach them these values​​. And teach them the way my ancestors.
And so will they see their family on my side that everyone in New York
I suggested we break the journey together and meet half way. Or a train ride
I intend to return to Asheville within two years the economic situation will allow me this
And considering all the circumstances I have no ability to visit Asheville
However, the two children and therefore need to visit me in New York

What is reasonable to expect a judge
Allow a visit?


If you are not already divorced, I would suggest you immediately file for equitable distribution. If you are already divorced, then you have lost your right to ED. You can still file for joint custody though at any point. If there has never been an order in place (or an agreement), then you should be able to have regular visitation with your kids. If there is a current order, then you will need to show the court that a substantial change in circumstances has occurred affecting the best interests of the child before they will modify an existing order. You should file for custody in NC as soon as you can. I would recommend a consultation with an attorney first to explain your rights to you. Most firms would be able to do a phone consult with you since you are out of state.