Joint custody

I have been in the military for the last 6 years and me and my wife split up 4 years ago and have a 5 year old child. For the past 4 years I have been deployed or living in another area and pay a $1000.00 a month for the remaining of the 4 years we weren’t together. this was not something that was court ordered. it was a verbal agreement between me and my wife. I have recently left the military and for the past 6 months live very close by my child. me and my wife agree that a divorce is needed and should of been done before. the big issue I am having is that for the past 6 months me and my wife agree that we would have her each half the time and both have standard days with the child… half and half. we have agree that we want joint custody. my problem is that for the past 6 months I have been paying my child’s extra expenses… I pay full daycare.560.00 and my wife thinks that I should pay 560.00 plus child support… we both pay our own rent and expenses but when it comes to my child my wife feels she shouldn’t contributed anything towards the child… that it should be all me. her excuse is because she is the woman. In the past 6 months my child has been with me more of the days then with my wife and she thinks that she should get all this money. I have talk to her on several occasions and told her that since we both take care of the child and even though recently I have had her more that everything should be split down the middle… half and half… but she thinks it shouldn’t be that way…

I have her more of the time and have been the only one contributing to my daughter’s expenses but my wife who I haven’t been with in 4 years feels I own her all this money and I feel everything should be split down the middle…am I wrong ?
wouldn’t the child expense be the responsibility of both parents? especially when she is starting school this year and we have after school care plus my daughter no longer has health insurance because I am out of the military…what is fair?
because sharing all expenses is how I see it? what is right and what is wrong

A child support obligation is calculated based on the income of the parties, number of overnights each parent exercises, and the expenses for the child. You should refer to the child support guidelines for more information, and run the calculations to see what your obligation should be now that you are caring for the child more often.