Joint Custody


I was wondering how hard is it to get full custody of a child? I have two children with my ex husband, and when he went to file divorce papers he didn’t ask for any visitation. But we have joint custody. well even though he didn’t ask for visitation I still let him get the kids whenever he wanted to see them. My oldest son is now 19, but my daughter is 12. My ex hasnt gotten her in 2 years the only time he sees her is if she is at her grandmothers and he stops by. How can i go about getting full custody? I really can’t afford a lawyer and I didn’t know if there was anything else I could do.


Is there a specific reason why you want or need full custody?


Sole legal custody simply means that you do not have to confer with your ex regarding decisions affecting your daughter’s life. Since he has not even visited with her in two years it would seem to me that you are the sole decision maker as it is. Unless your ex is causing problems and standing in the way of your ability to make decisions related to your daughter’s health and welfare I do not see that you have a cause of action to proceed. Typically parents who are seeking sole legal custody do so when the other parent is a danger to the child, or hinders the child’s best interest in some other way.