Joint legal custody vs. custodial parent


My ex husband and I agreed to our custody arrangements in January 2012 with our now 23 month old daughter. The agreement filed with the court states that I am the custodial parent and he has visitations every other weekend.

What exactly does it mean to be the custodial primary caregiver, but have 50% joint legal custody?

Why I ask is because my ex is unhappy with the custody agreement that he signed with the courts back in January and has now filed a motion to modify custody-- He is only doing so because he is financially able to drag me back to court. His “substantial reason” for modification is because I switched our daughters daycare for very rationale and justifiable reasons-- the opposite distance from my job (move #1) and 6 weeks later I was offered an even better opportunity with local government on the other side of town (move #2)-- My ex husband justifiably was upset that I moved her the very 1st time because he is romantically involved with one of the teachers at her very first daycare, and did not want her moved out of that facility.

Anyway what are my rights as the custodial parent who has 50% joint custody. I made every possible effort to discuss my concerns with the daycares prior to just moving her.


Custody is divided into two parts: physical and legal. 50/50 legal custody means that both parents have decision making authority. Without reading your order, I can’t state when you have to come to an agreement, when you are allowed to make decisions on your own, or when you have to seek decision making authority from the court or through some other means like mediation.