Judge in the wrong?


Recently the judge on the case for my fiancee went to Mexico for 11 days with the opposing party(his ex) attorney… is this okay according to the judicial standards? If not what could be done?


What did they go to Mexico for? If you suspect misconduct, you can either ask the judge to recuse him/herself or report the conduct to the State Bar.


Went to Mexico for spring break vacation… when the judge found out that the word had spread through different people including attorneys offices and the magistrates office, she recused herself from the case saying she felt threaten for her life because my fiancee’s ex told her attorney that my fiancee was going to kill the judge…on the contrary no restraining orders or government officials have been involved in this situation…kind of fishy and risky to get herself off the case. She has already had a slap on the hand once for misconduct before. Also she had a facebook page at this time and all of the sudden after my fiancee told his attorney that she was on facebook, she mysteriously no longer can be found on the site. Is it ok for judges to have community pages such as facebook and myspace?


what I have found is that even though parties in a case may be at war with each other…the attorneys and often judges are not…its just business to them.

Often times opposing lawyers will be on a very friendly basis with each other and often judges and lawyers are on a very friendly basis with each other outside the courtroom…but they still have a job to do and the attorney’s job is representing the client and the judge’s job is to interpret the law and grant a verdict based on the law.


Judges are permitted to have publicly viewed websites.