Judgement of Divorce and Decree

I just recieved my divorce judgement in the mail today… I had some questions I wanted clairification on:

  1. Will I get a divorce decree or is the Judgement my decree?
  2. On the judgement it states “incorporate separation agreement:” so does this mean I will get a decree stating the terms of my separation agreement in it?
  3. My ex has been difficult before with returning children will my judgement “that states incorporate separation agreement” and separation agreement suffice to have the police involved in returning my children?
  4. Is the separation agreement now a court order?

The judgment is the decree, and incorporation of the agreement just means that the agreement is now the equivalent of a court order and is enforceable by filing a contempt motion rather than via breach of contract. The police will assist you in enforcing the Agreement. You will not get a new Agreement.