Judges ED Spreadsheet

I received a copy of the judge’s ED spreadsheet. Across the top it lists Values and Proposed Distribution. Next, there are headings for “Judges Use Only” where she lists DOS, Amounts to H and W. Then, there is a place for judge’s “Notes.” However, the first column on the far left does not follow the DOM-19 exactly. Is this column meant to be a sampling of DOM-19 topics or is it exactly what the judge wants? How can it be correct when it leaves out, for instance, Schedule XI where tens of thousands of dollars are listed in “Contributions to Separate Property of Other Spouse”?

For what purpose did the judge provide you with the ED spreadsheet?

Spreadsheet was provided for upcoming ED hearing. Final pretrial is finished.

You will have the ability to present your evidence at trial, and specifically state why the judge’s spreadsheet is incorrect. I would also review your local rules and contact the family court office in your county to see if there is anything you need to do regarding the discrepancies in the spreadsheet prior to trial.

I think the headings along the top of the judge’s spreadsheet are exactly what she wants. I understand those just fine. However, I am asking why the first column on the left has intermittent schedules. It starts with Real Property, Transportation, and then a sprinkling of schedules. It looks like a sampling of schedules, and wouldn’t she expect it to follow every schedule of the DOM-19? I don’t want to wait until the ED hearing and then find she expected it to match perfectly with the DOM-19.

Again, you can look through the local rules for your county (on NC Courts website), or contact the family court office directly to see if there is anything you can do in advance regarding the spreadsheet. I can’t really advise otherwise without seeing the spreadsheet and knowing the full procedural history of your case. Also , make sure you have filed your EDIA that includes all of the assets/liabilities you intend to discuss at your hearing.

Meadow would you share this form with me? I am going through the same thing now and havent gotten to the spreadsheet part but would greatly appreciate looking at it.

The spreadsheet is available from the Family court case Cordinator.

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