Judgment for Absolute Divorce


I have filed for Divorce.
I have a hearing set in the near future.
I have served my STBX the:

  1. Complaint for Absolute Divorce
  2. Civil Summons
  3. Hearing Date.

STBX is asking me to provide her the Judgment for Absolute Divorce.
I have filled out that form, but undestand I do not need to share it with her.
Am I correct ?

My understanding is I bring 3 copies of the form to the hearing of the Absolute Divorce,
hand them to the Judge, who then signs the 3 copies.

At that point my STBX will get her copy, am I right ?

What is the protocol ?
When the judge signs the Judgment for Absolute Divorce, does he/she call my STBX to the front to hand her her copy ?
Am I suppose to hand her her copy ?
Or does she have to go upstairs to the 11th floor clerk’s office to get her copy ?

Note: She will be in attendance.


You should submit a copy of the proposed judgment to her. You will take 3 copies of the same to court for the judge to sign and enter that day. You will each receive one and the court retains one. You can each be given your copies in court once the clerk files them.


Am I Legally obligated to provide her a copy before the hearing ?

Why is the purpose in providing her it beforehand ?


If she has to see the proposed judgment you should provide the same, otherwise the judge will allow her to see it before it is signed.