Keylogging device on child's computer - Ex's info captured


After hearing my ex fuss so long about our child being on the internet without being properly supervised, I installed a keylogging monitoring system for my daughter’s computer. (This is HER computer and no one else has ever used it while my ex & I were together). Surprisingly I discovered that he (and his girlfriend) uses her computer on the weeks that he has our daughter - so THEIR information is getting “tracked” as well. Can I use that information in court? They have been having sex & overnights (prior to Oct 1st), so I was wondering if this could be more “evidence” I could use towards a cc suit? I know “some” keylogging systems are not submissible in court. But since this system was installed on a CHILD’s computer (purchased & used specifically for/by her)…I didn’t know if that would make a difference.



I would say that you have a much better chance of getting this evidence admitted into court as your ex does not have an expectation of privacy when using your daughter’s computer.