I am currently separated and prior to my stbx moving out I just found out that he had installed a keylogger on my computer and now for the past month has been getting all of what I do on my computer sent to him every minute of every day. I was wondering why he knew all of the time what I am doing and how he was able to hack into my accts. I am just wondering if this is illegal or not since we are separated and he is not in my home so has no right to spy on me or monitor what I am doing thru hacking into my computer. I just found the keylogger thru a spyware scan on my computer and will now buy a new one so I know he cannot gain access.

If this was installed after the date of separation or the day of, then yes, it is illegal. If it was installed while you were together and the computer was jointly used, then I don’t know how the law applies. I am not sure that anything gained since the separation can be used…

Your ex does not have the right to invade your privacy in this manner. Any information he has gathered from the spy ware will be inadmissible in court.

But it is illegal

What can we look for on our computers to make sure this wasn’t done to any of us also?

The best thing to do is take your computer to an expert and have them examine the harddrive for any keylogging software.