Help with STBX spying


Can someone please help me. Over a year ago when I was living with my STBX he installed the Perfect Keylogger on my work computer without my knowledge and without the knowledge of my work. Later that year I asked him to leave the home since we were going to separate and at that time again without my knowledge or the knowledge of my work he upgraded the software on my work computer so he could have all of the screen shots sent to him remotely. Once separated and after conversations with others I discovered the key logging software on my computer. Not only had he seen all of my work dealings which was supposed to be private but he also got to see conversations I had with my lawyer about us separating. I am desperately trying to find a lawyer that is skilled in this area of the law and can help me and my company prosecute this total stranger I have been living with for so many years. I have been violated in some many ways and need to find a lawyer that has worked cases like this before. I do not know who to talk with but know this is a very skilled area of the law. He has financially ruined me and now I need to fight back or at least let my company fight back on my behalf. Does anyone know the name of any law firm that can take this case on and win. If so please share with the name and number or any other suggested agency (State or Federal) that I should contact.

So far no one wants to talk about this but I know what he has done is illegal in so many ways and he is laughing about what he has done to me. Please help me find someone who I can talk to about this. Thanks


I don’t know how large your employer is, but have you reported his spying to them? It depends upon your relationship with your employer, but they may take on a lawsuit against your STBX for their own sakes.

I guess the only drawback would be if they thought that you had given him access to the computer deliberately.


Yes they know and yes they are happy to do anything I ask them to do. Yes they are very upset that my STBX did what he did to me and that is why they are happy to do what I want them to do. I am looking for the right lawyer to take on the lawsuit since computer type crime such as this breaking the law (Violation of NCGS 15A-287 & US Code Title 18, 2511) I want to make sure nothing goes wrong. This is now the only avenue I think I have to recover costs and money that my stbx has taken from me and ruined me in so many ways.


Did you change your password and take off the program? Does your STBX know?


They knew just as soon as the program was ended since they saw the screen shot since each screen shot was being sent every minute of every day. One program was removed but one was not removed. This is why the computer was not used again and a new one purchased. The old computer was then analyzed by a PI and all documented. The computer hard drive that the screen shots were being sent to was also then seized but due to the judge no one was allowed to examine the hard drive of the computer the screen shots were sent to. We know it was sent to the STBX and we know that the eveidence is on the hard drive. What we cant seem to now figure why the judge froze all of it. I now need someone to take over the case and also represent my employer and move this case forward. It is a clear case of violating the Electronic Communications Privacy Act (ECPA)?