STBX Spying thru keylogging software


Can someone please help me. Over a year ago when I was living with my STBX he installed the Perfect Keylogger on my work computer without my knowledge and without the knowledge of my work. Later that year I asked him to leave the home since we were going to separate and at that time again without my knowledge or the knowledge of my work he upgraded the software on my work computer so he could have all of the screen shots sent to him remotely. Once separated and after conversations with others I discovered the key logging software on my computer. Not only had he seen all of my work dealings which was supposed to be private but he also got to see conversations I had with my lawyer about us separating. I am desperately trying to find a lawyer that is skilled in this area of the law and can help me and my company prosecute this total stranger I have been living with for so many years. I have been violated in some many ways and need to find a lawyer that has worked cases like this before. I do not know who to talk with but know this is a very skilled area of the law. He has financially ruined me and now I need to fight back or at least let my company fight back on my behalf. Does anyone know the name of any law firm that can take this case on and win. If so please share with the name and number or any other suggested agency (State or Federal) that I should contact.

So far no one wants to talk about this but I know what he has done is illegal in so many ways and he is laughing about what he has done to me. Please help me find someone who I can talk to about this. Thanks


Will you share with us how you discovered this. I too think my stbx has done that same on my work computer and home computer, or he has allowed someone to do it for him.


I generally do not reply on issues but I had to this time as I am an IT professional.

The statutes could be considered as “Interception” and could be grounds to sue.

Where is the equipment? Are all Hard Drives / Computers intact?

As far as the “private data” is concerned, if you were working with Social Security numbers, then, the Goverment agency, HIPPA would more than likely want to speak with you. If HIPPA gets involved, they will use the own ATTY’S. Hee Hee :wink:

I would really like to know the outcome of this one…