Hidden cameras in home and private eye following me

I know for a fact that my STBX has purchased and hidden two hidden cameras in our home (he failed to be at home when they were delivered) and has hired a private eye for the last month to follow me. He started his crazy world after I asked for a divorce. I have been in a controlling, emotionally abusive relationship for 9 years and will NOT let my children grow up thinking this is what a relationship should look like. I already see signs. I am and have always been a good and loyal spouse and mother. My husband is trying to accuse me of being a drug addict and alcoholic and I’m sure a cheater. I am not and he has no proof that I am. I assume his tactics for hidden cameras and a PI are to try to catch me doing something, ANYTHING wrong. Are there any laws against the hidden cameras? I know the PI is legal, but since we share the same home still (while we fight out who leaves), isn’t this an invasion of privacy for me? I have no clue where the cameras are hidden. Myself and my children change clothing and bathe without knowing if we are being videotaped. I am concerned that these videos can be used as a tool for harrassment by being put on the internet or even threatening me to do so. Thank you for your time and input.

Not a lawyer

In North Carolina, it is not legal for someone to video or voice record you without being part of the recording and one of the two parties to the recording knowing. If your husband is not part of the recording and he records you, then you have a claim for invasion of privacy. I would strongly suggest that you get evidence of him recording you however it is happening so that you have leverage.

Not a lawyer

Unfortunately my wife WAS cheating and even went so far as to have one of the men in our home while the kids were sleeping. I’ve had PIs and cameras and can tell you what I was told. He cannot have audio equipped cameras at all unless he’s a party to every conversation that’s recorded. Every person he were to have listen to any recording not invloving him would be a separate felony. He CAN have non-audio cameras, so long as they are not in bedrooms or bathrooms, as they are areas of implied privacy. Good luck!

JuniorJam - please send me to any links you have about this being illegal. Thank you so much for your information!!

Hey Whisper,

I don’t have any links. I went through my separation almost exactly 3 years ago and at the time, my wife was cheating in my house. She’d drive her boyfriend to the house with him crouched down so that you couldn’t see him in the car. She’d pull into the garage and then shut the garage door before he popped up and got out of the car. The PI I worked with had trouble definitively pinning down her paramour inside of our house because of this. Logically, I thought I could at a minimum put a camera inside of the garage to catch him getting out of the car and going into the house, but upon consultation with my PI and lawyer, the answer was no. I cannot attest to the accuracy of their advice, but I was sufficiently scared of potentially being sued for invasion of privacy that I decided not to go this route.

On the other hand, I did buy a voice recorder and walked around the house with it on all of the time because according to my lawyer, I could record conversations I had without the other party knowing as long as I was part of them. My hope was that she would confess to her affair (which she didn’t) and I’d catch her on a voice recording.

That’s my experience, the advice I got, and the actions I took. Like I said, I cannot attest to the validity of the advice I received. Good luck.

Thank you everyone for your information. It is nice to have others input when going through such a difficult time. Does anyone know how to find hidden cameras? I have looked but have yet to see them. They are small based on the size of the box they were delivered in and what I have seen on the website from the company.