Stalking by STBX and private eye

I am almost to the end of my one year and one day until I can file for divorce. My STBX has a private eye company following me still and they have used their means to contact a friend of mine to tell him to stay away from me. I have just found out that my STBX is personally stalking the girlfriend he had after our separation. What legal ways can I get this behavior to stop with him stalking me? We have joint custody so I have to let him talk to the children but I always just give them the phone. I am very concerned and so are my neighbors about strangers always being outside my home. The police have been called to make the PI leave but they always come back. What are my options? Thank you.

If you feel that his behavior is harassing, you can seek a domestic violence protective order. You should refer to the statute (chapter 50B) for more information about what you must prove when seeking a protective order.