Restraining order or -?

My fiance’s STBX has continued the stalking behaviors which began last September. The STBX last appeared anywhere in person in late October but continues to send me email messages and has now begun sending inappropriate and obviously unwanted email messages to family members. Where and how the names and email addresses where obtained I don’t know. It appears the STBX - or someone STBX hired? - managed to find back doors into protected email accounts and social networking sites. At any rate it was bad enough when my fiance’s STBX was harassing me but has now started doing the same to family. I am very interested in getting this to stop. Would a restraining order cover family, friends, neighbors, community associates (church, etc.) as well as me? And would I be looking into a restraining order, a “no contact” order (?), or are these the same thing - ? It appears I’d need to face the STBX in court to obtain a restraining order - is this true? Would actually be up for that - enough IS enough.

Each individual would have to obtain their own separate restraining order, also called a civil no contact order. This would require the filing of a complaint court appearance by each individual seeking an order.

My family members are all out of state and the STBX is sending them very inappropriate and long accusatory emails. Would they have to travel to NC to file for a restraining order? Isn’t there some provision to stop this kind of behavior on the internet?

My specialty is in the area of domestic law in NC, and I cannot advise you as to how your family in Texas needs to proceed. I would advise you to have them contact law enforcement in their area.