Restraining Order

I recently found out that my STBX has hired a PI to have me followed, had a GPS tracker put on the car I drive (it’s in his name but is marital property and I am in possession of it unless E.D. sanctions otherwise), took photographs, has “audio and video tape” of me, etc. This was all done AFTER I left the marital home and we were “legally separated”. I am under the assumption that he did this in order to gather information about my boyfriend and when I see him so that he could submit an AOA/CC claim. However, as far as I know, none of this can be used as evidence since #1 it was done without my knowledge and #2 it was done AFTER I left the marital home.

My question is whether or not I can have my STBX AND his PI served with a restraining order? This may put a kink in drop off/pick up of our daughters but I’ll figure something out. I’m just wondering if this is a possibility without me having any proof aside from the fact that he admitted to our daughters (9 and 10 years old) that he did it and someone else’s testimony that it was done. Is this possible or is anyone just free to hire anyone else and have them tracked and followed??

You may not file for a restraining order against the PI, and unless you are in fear of imminent bodily harm, cannot file one against your ex either.