PI Should I hire

Wondering even though STBX has moved out of house in Nov. And I have discovered emails before and after the fact of his cheating. Should I hire a PI would it make my case even stronger in case emails do not stand up in court. We have no legal separation and he is traveling out of state to be with her on his long weekends. I was trying to come out of this fair and in good terms until I found out he has been cheating. How long I have no idea. But I feel it was going on for months and that is what was driving me crazy. I had that feeling but he kept telling me I was being crazy. But I think a women knows these things when her man is being unfaithful. And after 22 years I know him better then he knows himself. Just a wreck and I don’t know what to do. He has cut me of from any access of money.

Also he will be trying to use my state of mind against me and say I have threatened him for a long time. He is what was driving me crazy and he has always blamed me and he never was at fault for anything. How will this stand up in court. Will his cheating out way his accusation?

If your ex is no longer living with you, you are separated. There is no legal separation in North Carolina.

Before you hire a PI, I would urge you to meet with a lawyer. You need to file suit to regain access to funds so you may support yourself.