Last Minute Change of Attorney's


My x wife and I are trying to work out a temp agreement so we will not have to go to court in 2wks. From the beginning my attorney has made a few slip ups one being that she just informed me that even if I win custody in court that I may still have to may my x cs. The reason this bothers me is that here it is last minute and now I find this out and only b/c my x’s attny tried to put it in the temp order that she would pay me cs once she got a job and was requesting my financial information. THIS IS MAJOR! OMG if my x’s attny had not put this in this temp order I would have had a mj suprise at our hearing. How can a supposedly “pretty good” family law attny over look this? Well on top of this suprise, I gave my attny my income and she came back with a couple of diff scenerios. I also gave my income to a local very reputable,CS officer whose been dealing with this stuff for over 15 years. The CS officer came up with #‘s TOTALLY different from my attny… in my favor. From the beginning I kind of had a gut feeling that I needed to change attorney’s but I didnt’ b/c she was also my divorce attny and she know all of my x’s unstable history. I feel like I have to/had to beg my attny to help me and return my calls, which I shouldn’t b/c I’m paying them a ton of $$$$$. Now all of a sudden she emails be back as soon as I email her, when I call her office I get her or she calls me right back b/f I’d wait 3 day’s or so for a response from an email or phone call. It’s just kind of ironic that now we are close to signing temp papers,she’s all about it but when we were pressing forward toward court I couldn’t get her to send any info regarding what I should be doing to help my case or what I shouldn’t do. Nothing, I asked numerous times. Whatever advice she gave I felt like I had to beg for it and now I feel like she’s rushing me to sign these temp doc’s to avoid going to court even though she’s said all along that I’m a shoe end to win. I feel like she’s trying to get rid of me in a way.

I do not feel comfortable with going to court with this attorney. What do I do with just weeks b/f trial? Should I hope that my x signs the temp docs and if it comes back up in the future get another attorney? Or do I try to consult another attorney bf trial? I’m so lost…


If you are uncomfortable with your attorney there is no harm in meeting with another attorney, even if it is just for a second opinion.