Layman's Explanation

I’m being asked to sign a QDRO as perscribed by the judge in my case. My ex was awarded $46K of my NC Retirement System account. The paragraph of the Domestic Relations Order that is confusing to me as written by my ex’s attorney is as follows:

“The amount set fourth in Finding of Fact 4 ($46K) shall be applied to all retirement benefits payable to the member or to his designated survivor(s) under any option contained in G.S. 128-27(g), as well as to any return of accumulated contributions made pursuant to G.S. 128-27(f) or G.S. 128-27 (g1).”

In layman’s terms what does that mean to me the member? Should I feel as if her attorney is trying to pull one last shenagan past me? Help!

Specific interpretation of legal language is beyond the scope of the forum. I can say that it is often the case that what remains in a retirement account that was created via a QDRO can be left to a designated heir should that person pass away, much like other assets in an estate. If you need help understanding what your specific QDRO says, you should make a consultation with an attorney who can go over the document with you. QDROs can be tricky.