Leap Year

Just out of curiosity, why was the Jan date not used?

You would have to wait until a business day regardless of the date to file. The Clerks office is not open on Saturday to my knowledge so the papers can only be filed Monday - Friday. As long as ED is filed for then you can still file for absolute divorce when the required time is up.

Since you have been the primary custodial parent it is likely that custody will remain as it is. Be aware though that the courts will possibly give the other parent liberal visitations and NC defaults to joint legal custody if it is not specified. This is the right to make educational, religious and medical decisions without the other parent’s input. Joint legal custody means that you have to agree on these things.

Since you do not have a separation agreement I am not sure where you

We had leap year this year. My STBX and i were actually seperated in January but we put down Feb 28th. Now in 2009 the 28th is on a Saturday. So, does that mean that mean i have to wait until March 2nd for the attorney to file for the Divorce?

I so want this divorce over with. I know we won’t have custody and property done. I also have another question.

If i have had the children with me and my STBX has lived out of state for 8/9 month out of the 12 month waiting period, What would be the odds of me not getting custody?