Leaving the state

My boyfriend and his ex do not have court ordered custody yet (we are filing for temporary custody today though), and she (the ex) has been keeping their son from him. She told him yesterday that her parents are planning on going to Florida this thursday and he is going with them (we aren’t sure if she is even going with them). Are there any laws about leaving the state with a child without parental consent? We haven’t seen the baby in over a month now, so we would much rather him just come stay with us while they are gone to Florida for the weekend.
We know it isn’t a family vacation or anything, they are going down there to put the ex’s grandmother into a nursing home, so they are going to be busy with that the whole time.
Thanks for your help.

A parent can take the child out of state trip unless a court order prohibits the same.

So, if her parents are planning on taking him and her staying here is there anything I can do about that? The only reason the baby would be going with his grandparents is because the mom doesn’t have another babysitter for him but she refuses to let his dad have him at all. We could watch him without a problem, so is there nothing we can do about his grandparents taking him without the father’s permission?
If the ex wife tries to move to Florida, is there anything we can do to stop her from taking the baby with her?

At this point, no. there is no court order in place that will be breached if her parents take the child to Florida.