Legal custody

I have sole physical custody and shared legal. My child is 15 and we are planning a trip overseas. Prior to the divorce we traveled extensively as a family and my 15 year has a passport but it needs to be renewed. Ex husband refuses to cooperate but states no reason. I need his notarized signature to renew her passport. I feel he is doing it just out of spite for holding him in contempt for not paying alimony. Is there anything I can do.

What does your Agreement say about important documents?

Nothing is stated about important documents. All our agreements have been court ordered and decided in front of a judge.

He sees the teen for about 2 hours a week for a meal. The last order states he will visit the teen 4 hours every other week. (This limited time was his choice, not ours) So, it is not as if he will be missing on any significant visits with the teen.

I would suggest you file a motion for judicial assistance and seek the court’s help in the form of an Order requiring your ex to sign the passport documents.