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If all of this is written in the Separation Agreement then he is bound by it. You can also have the SA incorporated into the divorce. My advice: Make sure you have documented proof of everything he has agreed to. It will be much harder from him to wriggle out of if it is not in writing - witnessed if possible.

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When he files divorce papers, if the house has not sold at that point, can he then try to make me pay more than 50% of the mortgage? Or is 50/50 the law in NC? Or will everything in the seperation agreement be transferred over in the divorce?


Dear rxtech0237:

Greetings. If you have a signed separation agreement which clearly states your duties and obligations (like who pays how much of the mortgage) and he violates the same, then you can recover the funds from him through a breach action.

Make sure that your separation agreement has an attorney fee paragraph that informs you who will have to pay the attorney fees in the event of breach.

Are you doing everything you can to sell the house?

Finally, I would remind him of your remedies and the fact that you can sue him in NC and make him drag his sorry behind back here. Thanks

By the way RON - all separation agreements have to be signed before a notary to be valid. Thanks

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My husband and I have been seperated for almost 1 year. We have signed seperation agreement which states I will live in the home until it sells. He moved out of state when he left the home. We also agreed that we would pay 50% of the mortgage and 50% of the payment on a vehicle we own that I currently have posession of. Can he legally make me pay more than 50% of the mortgage if it is in both of our names? Even though I live here and he left the home? He seems to think he can, or is trying to make me believe he can. Any advice would be appreciated.
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