Legal separation/divorce question

I just wanted to say that the papers I was sent was a complaint for divorce, not the final papers. So, will the final papers state that we had papers settling custody/support?

I am a resident of Florida and my soon to be ex is military stationed in Jacksonville, NC for the past 2 years. I left NC 2 years ago and I saw a lawyer to have legal separation papers drawn up so there would be no fighting, etc. over child support and custody once I moved back to Florida. We have now decided to go ahead and divorce. He saw a lawyer in Wilmington and had papers served to me. Nowhere in the papers does it state anything about child support or custody. He states that because we had legal separation papers, that has already been settled thru those papers and that these papers are to only dissolve the marriage.
I want to make sure that this is true, as I have learned from the past he is not a man to be trusted.
Any information you can give me about the laws, etc. for NC would be greatly appreciated.