Do I have what I need?


bumped post to see if I can get a response. thanks!


One more attempt to see if I can get a response :slight_smile:


each time you bump your post you are delaying a response from the attorney.


My wife and I have been separated since November of 2001, but never actually got the legal separation papers done. However, she worked as a legal secretary in Durham for a bit and told me that we would not need to do the court thing, as long as I took the following and filed them at my courthouse here in Gaston county. (which she has sent to me, and has signed her portion)

Complaint (I had to sign this)
Answer (from her saying she agreed to the complaint, agrees with the allegations, and that an absolute divorce should be granted)
Verification (I signed this and had it notarized)
Judgement (this one looks like the court would fill it out, but does say that we have been separated over 4 years, etc)

Can I take this to the courthouse and file it and expect it to go through? I am ready to get this taken care of, but dont want to waste a day off work to get it done, and it not end up being the right documents that I need. Thanks so much for any help anyone can provide!