Checklist for hearing - please assist

I also will bring the forms i was told to by the Clerk, btw…

Hey there - anyone who’s been through this (or an Atty), could you please help me out? My hearing is coming up quickly… thanks so much…

So I have my hearing coming up in Wake County soon (for an uncontested, lawyerless divorce), and I wanted to be sure that I had dotted all my i’s, etc. If you could please help me out and let me know if I have forgotten anything for my hearing, it would ease my mind greatly:

  • separation agreement completed and filed w/court over 2 years ago
  • all forms have been filed w/clerk of court, and I have been assigned a case #
  • all fees have been paid
  • spouse has been served the summons, and I have mailed the certified mail card and the papers they told me to mail back to clerk of court, including my requested court date.

does my spouse have to actually sign anything else? or do anything else with the forms? you always hear about “signing the papers” on tv and all, but i cannot find anywhere that this has to happen? this is bugging me, please let me know!

  • does my spouse need to attend the hearing? i am told not, if it is uncontested.
  • what else am i forgetting? do I need to dress super nice? how long will it take?

THANKS so much in advance for your help!