Question about final hearing


Dear legal advisors

I am running into a few questions about getting a divorce and hopefully you guys can help me out.

I lived at North Carolina for 15 years and have moved away from NC recently and want to file a divorce. She is currently living at NC and I am living at Taiwan at the moment.

If I use the self service and get the paper filed. Is it absolutely required for me to attend the final hearing? I don’t think I am able to.
What’s the usual wait time between paper submission and final hearing?

Much appreciated for your help


Yes, if you file for the divorce and you do not hire an attorney, you will need to be present yourself at the divorce hearing. It would possibly be easier for you to hire an attorney for the purpose of filing the divorce paperwork and appearing in court on your behalf. It will likely be cheaper than you traveling in from Taiwan if it’s just a simple divorce (and not agreements or litigation). There is not a usual wait time between filing and the court date, but a good estimate could be about 30-60 days from the date you file. This varies based on the docket and county.


Do you guys provide service such as doing the paper work and appearing in court on my behalf?

What’s the cost for such service if you do

Thank you very much


Yes, we do handle absolute divorces and appear in court on behalf of our clients at the hearing. You may contact our client liaison to schedule a consultation. She can be reached by dialing the main number for your area and selecting extension 100.


Thanks for your reply.

I tried to call the number but I kept getting voicemail, but I don’t have a call back number because I am currently not in the state.

Does she have an email that I can communicate with her to schedule an initial consultation or when will be the best time to reach her?



I’m sorry you had difficult in reaching her. I do know that she was having difficulty this morning with her phone. Please try her number again as it appears to be working now. If you cannot reach her still, her email is