DIY Divorce

I am looking to finalize my divorce, after being separated for 1 year.
I was looking to obtain the divorce papers and complete on my own. There are no spousal support, property or debt issues to settle.
If I complete the paperwork, do I need my ex to sign them also?
Do I then go to the courthouse to submit my paperwork?
Will I then pay to have my ex served with a court date and/or a 30 day period to review the paperwork?
What happens if he does not show up on the court date?

are there court fees associated with filing the paperwork myself?

I’m trying to get a grasp on how the divorce will proceed, and ensure that I have all my eggs in a basket before I take on this task.

I cannot afford the lawyer fees.


Divorce cannot be obtained by consent in North Carolina. You must file a complaint for divorce and go through the prescribed process, which includes having your ex served. Your ex is not required to show up at the hearing, and does not have to respond in the 30 day time period for response.

There are court fees involved that the court charges, whether you have an attorney or not.

There is a video on this site that describes the process, and also many counties have do it your self divorce packets which have forms and instructions included.