DIY divorce

I married my husband in 2002 in South Carolina although we both reside in North Carolina. I have been un-legally separated from my husband for over 5 yrs. We both have been living apart but in the same city. I have been busy with life and somewhat embarrassed to go file for divorce. I am certain i will have no problem getting him to sign for a divorce. We have a child together and at this point he does not officially pay child support, he gives me a few dollars here and there. He has our child every other weekend and sometimes one day during the week. I would like to finally get this divorce done once and for all but in the least expensive way possible and quickly. How do i do that? What do i do? Would I have to wait to get the divorce before i can file to get child support?

Sounds like you could file for divorce. Remember, your right to file for alimony and ED die once a judgment of divorce is granted. You may file for child custody and support at any time. If you want to navigate the process yourself then Rosen Online may be a good solution for you. You may find more information here: