Absolute Divorce...please help


I hired an attorney to handle my absolute divorce and I feel like she is moving way too slowly. I have constantly had to remind her legal assistant to do certain things and at this point, I am so frustrated and just want this to be done already. I sent her a certified letter about two months ago letting her know my expectations going forward and how slighted I felt by her and her office. Whenever I called, her assistant would ramble on about busy she was, she had not had a chance to do anything with my case, etc. Long story short…My husband received my complaint on February 15 (a month after I paid her and after I sent the certified letter). Of course on March 16 the 30 days were up and he did not contest the complaint. I know, because I pulled the file from the county and I asked him. Today is April 2 and my attorney has not been in touch with to let me know next steps.

My question: Is the next step to submit a judgement for Absolute Divorce to the clerk or requesting a calendar date? No matter which one it is, can I just handle that myself? (please answer both questions)

Also, I live in Forsyth County and I have heard the judges only hear divorces on the first Monday of every month. Do you know if that’s true? If that is true and I’m not on the court schedule for April then I could be waiting another month and what if she pulls this same thing next month? or the next month? This could drag on forever! I don’t know how to light a fire under her.

What should I do? It’s a simple uncontested divorce! I just want to move on with my life.


The next step is to file an affidavit of service and set the matter for hearing. Once the hearing has been set and the defendant notified you will need to prepare the judgment and attend the hearing for the judge to enter the judgment of divorce.
I do not know the local rules in Forsyth, but the clerk of court should be able to tell you what court dates are available.


Thanks for your response.
I just want to clarity that I should take my case back over not continuing to work with the attorney? That the next steps are those that I can take myself? And appearing in court to get the divorce myself?


You may complete the remaining steps on your own, including appearing at your hearing.


Thanks again for your help! You’ve been so much more helpful that the attorney I actually paid!


You are most welcome. Good luck.