Absolute Divorce

My husband has lied on his filing about his intention for the separation to be permanent. I have various text, pictures, email etc… that prove otherwise. Do I submit my evidence that proves he’s lying with my Answer or do I just say “Deny” when the judge asks at the hearing and then show my evidence. Please help…anybody. I’m in CA and will be traveling to ASHE county for the hearing.

Thank you!!

Can anyone tell me how to get the forms to file? I need complaint and verification and complaint for divorce, and judgment

If you intend to present evidence that the date of separation is not as alleged in the complaint, you should bring everything that proves this to court so that you can enter it as an exhibit for the court to see.

We have a number of forms available on our website, but for the best resource for all your answers about obtaining a divorce, you should refer to our divorce guide.

My ex and his lawyer have not provided verifications I’ve repeated requested. Example…bank account name and numbers, verification of income, bill of sales for items of marital property he sold etc…
I was finally given the notarized, EXHIBIT H (Ashe County) which gives me authorization to obtain his financial information from banks, check his assets etc…
However, without them providing the bank name and acct numbers this form is useless to me. For the past 3-4 months I’ve requested this information and its not being supplied. My ex has under the table earnings that he withheld from his affidavits to the court so is stalling on providing this information to his attorney. Me ex also didn’t claim this income on his tax return or to the unemployment office.
I emailed them again this morning asking if they would like for me to subpoena the “Under-the-Table” employer (my ex’s brother in law) to have him provide his accounting records and client list, so that way clients could testify in court as to whether or not they witnessed my ex working on their home builds or remodels.

What recourse or law is their that I can state to his attorney that it is my right to have these verifications?

Thank you!

If litigation is pending, and they have not responded to your formal discovery requests, you can file a motion to compel. The judge can order that they comply with your requests pursuant to the rules of discovery. You also can issue subpoenas, although you’d have to bear the cost of the subpoena and you’d have to know which institutions to serve the subpoena on.