What do i do?

Dear helpmeplz:

Greetings. First, there is not a need (generally) to file “separation papers” in NC to be separate. You are separated legally on the date you stop living together.

You can speak with the district attorney in your county about filing adultery charges against your husband if you want to.

You may want to research criminal conversation and alienation of affection.

Adultery can also affect alimony. Thank you.

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Hi. Heres the rundown. Hubby asked me for a divorce, and he wants everything, and hes seein another girl and we havent even filed seperation papers yet. He tells me that hes been thinkin of divorce for over a year now, which happens to be, since he became a cop. I just want to know if theres somethin i can do bc he was seein this girl while he was on duty for the police dept. There has even been an incident where he was supposedly caugt with this girl in his car. Thing is, buddy that caught them, went thru BLET with him, and I dunno if there really is a report been filed bout this. Several of the guys that he works with have come up to me and told me bout this incident and that hes in danger of losin his job. Several months have passed and nothin has come of it, and i want to know if this is somethin i should look into, bc this was before he asked me for a divorce, and everyone seems to know something bout it, but yet he still has a job. I want to know if i should pursue this matter, bc hes been seein this girl for some time now turns out. I mean cant i get him for adultry? And do i have to have proof? There seems to be a lil bit of a cover up with the whole incident- is there anyone i can go to. Theres been a new chief appointed too, and i dont know him, its just that everyone knows that my hubby was doin this on the clock and yet nothin has been done bout it. Is anything ever done bout adultry anymore? [?] Dunno if u can help, but any advice would be much appreciated. Thanks.