Legally Seperated and Dealth happens


Dear Dianne123:

Greetings. Without a separation agreement or filing for equitable distribution and if one of you passes, the law treats you as if you were still married regarding estate laws. For estate law questions (dealing with inheritances, etc.) you will need to speak with an estate attorney.

If you have a separation agreement or an equitable distribution action filed, the property will be/remain divided and you will likely not be entitled to any of your spouse’s property.

No, there is no time frame when you have to file for divorce. The legal separation remains in existence for as long as you both remain living separate and apart and don’t get divorced. Best of luck and Happy Holidays!

Janet L. Fritts
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I am legally seperated from my husband for 4 1/2 years. If something happen to one of us what would happen would he or I be entitile or responsible for the others belongings? Also is there a time frame where you should file for divorce or will the the legal seperation become void ?