Lies on Alimony worksheet

If you see that your ex-spouse leaves off income from their financial for alimony but includes this on their taxes, can the case be thrown out?

The case will not be thrown out, but additional income may be a reason for a modification of alimony.

If they lie about their income how can you determine what amount of alimony they should receive? If they are a Dr. and should be making 80,000 a year plu sbut shows only 30,000 a year. Is that a consideration?

The court determines the amount they should receive based on many factors, in addition to what their reasonable needs are. Income can be imputed if the court finds a party is depressing their income in bad faith.

I suggest you read more under the alimony tab on the home page, there is even a video you can watch which describes all the factors involved in an alimony case.