Financial question-alimony/support

Currently I make just a little more than my husband, I make $44k annually and he makes somewhere around $42/43k. I had one consultation with a lawyer and she said alimony wouldn’t be a consideration because we make similar amounts, but child support is very different issue. If my boss wants to give me a raise, what would cause alimony to become an issue, i.e. where’s the line of when the difference in our income becomes an issue? Unfortunately we’re in a position where we both depend on eachother’s income so we are separated right now and still doing finances together, but he needs to find his own place and when we separate finances I want to make sure that I am able to get what I need to take care of the children. I don’t feel its right for me to have to find a second job because he decided he wanted out of our marriage for no good reason. I suspect he’s found another woman, I know from phone records he’s talking to her 5-6 times a day EVERY day, but I realize that has no legal standing when it comes to child support, other than the guilt factor.

Alimony is based on standard of living during the marriage. A post separation raise will not affect alimony. However, a post separation change in income will affect child support.