Recently separated and wondering who and how one comes up with the figure of alimony support. Husband earns around 3400 a month sometimes more. Been married 22 years he has been my provider for the past three years do to a job injury I had then we moved here. He let me stay home to be a homemaker and now he wants out. I have some medical issue that I am concerned about after the divorce. I would like to know if I can have him still cover me under his health insurance and I would pay the bills myself. I am sure I will not be able to be covered under a plan for prior problems. I have been denied health coverage before he took this civil service job. Also would like any input as to what I need to do here and what I am entitled to. Husband has crossed the line with communication with another women corresponding and phone calls and possible meetings. Not sure if anything was committed beyond that. No proof that I know I can get. TY Chuggin

Alimony is based on the reasonable needs of the dependant spouse, and the ability of the supporting spouse to pay. It is different in every case. As for the health insurance, once you are formally divorced he will not likely be able to cover you as you will not longer be related.

As a dependant spouse you may be entitled to have your husband pay the attorney’s fees you incur in seeking support from him. I would suggest you meet with a lawyer in the near future to create an action plan.