Alimony questions

My husband is the one wanting a divorce. We have three children, been married for 16 years, and I was diagnosed with a chronic illness within the last year. My husband makes $135,000 yearly. Although I am not diasabled, my doctor has recommened not working to avoid promoting my disease. I have stayed at home with the children for the last 9 years. There has been infidelity committed by my husband numerous times, the last one within this year. My husband thinks I am out of line in what I have found would be a fair alimony according to the internet…

I want the time line to be payment until I remarry because of my health issues and his infidelity. He says for only a few years.

I have found amounts of $3300 monthly. He thinks $1000 monthly.

I will have to provide my own health insurance which will be outrageous.
I would like to not have to work, at least full time but even if I did, this amount is only reduced by a couple hundred on the calculators I have found.

Are there any estimates you can give me or atleast who is closer to what could be awarded?


I would not trust the internet for any estimates. If your husband doesn’t agree to an amount, then the courts will have to compute one. There is no calculator for alimony like there is with child support. Usually alimony lasts until remarriage, death or 1/2 the length of the marriage. BUT everything is variable when going to court. You can argue for any terms, but there is no guarantee you’ll get them. I would definitely bring up the SAHM status and your illness as well as the adultry.

There is no set amount for alimony, and the duration is not fixed by the statutes either. Alimony is based on the demonstrated need of the dependant spouse, and the ability of the supporting spouse to pay. Alimony varies greatly in each case depending on a multitude of factors, one of which would be how much child support your husband will be obligated to pay. There is a video on alimony on the website which further explains the factors a court considers in making alimony determinations.