Life insurance

In my divorce, it was not required that my ex retain me as a beneficiary on his life insurance policies. I receive alimony and child support. I have discovered that the ex has some health issues and of course, I am scared financially should something happen to him. I do not mean to sound morbid, but I am an older woman (55) with a 15 year old child. Questions: Would it be possible for me to appeal to the Court for proceeds from a life insurance policy in the event of his death? Or, is it possible for me to take out my own policy on him without his knowledge? Or, should I go to Court NOW hoping for an order that would name me as a beneficiary since I have “insurable interests”? These policies he owns are substantial. Thanks.

The typically do not order a supporting spouse/parent to maintain life insurance, but may in certain circumstances. Since your spouse recently developed these health issues, it may cause him hardship to obtain insurance.

In my opinion, the court would be hesitant to require him to obtain a new policy, and/or change his beneficiary based on the change in his health.

You cannot take a policy out on him without his knowledge