Loss of job/childsupport


I would check with the local child support office/agent and tell them about the situation. He may be able to get a modification of child support.


you will half to take it back to court and let a judge decide if it gets reduced untill then you will half to continue to pay what is ordered.And guess what, the judge could rule that it is not reduced,just depends on the judge.

hope whitfield


I agree with mal, ask for some sort of contingency plan. They won’t rework the numbers because of unemployment, especially if the unemployment is due to negligence, or quitting, or some other manoeuver to get himself fired (I’m not alleging that, I’m just giving examples). The ex will come up with all sorts of threats, ignore them and ask DSS for help.


I would think it will depend on how he lost his job, My thoughts only, If he got laid off due to cut back or other company reasons beyond his control they it should be re- calculated but if he got fired or if he had anything to do with him losing his job then it shouldn’t be re-calculated. As his new wife the way you support him goes along way with. most of the times men listen to their wives on theses type of things.


Good point fatherdoright–and I’ll bet 99% of the time that’s why we defer to them right through the seperation to the divorce, and lose our asses. Who said men are the stronger sex???


My fiancee lost his job three weeks ago. His ex said she expects the same amount of child support as she has been getting (it is paid directly from his check to Raleigh, who sends her a check.) What do we do, go to an attorney and have child support re-calculated based on no income? We are living off my teacher salary, but I have no desire to let that witch have any of my hard-earned money.