Maintenance Support/Post Divorce

I have left several messages and thanks to all who have replied…

One more though…

I am divorced and have been for about 9 months. We have not gone thru the Equitable Distribution process yet.

Now that I am divorced, can my ex’s lawyer still come after me for support during, before or after the ED process?

If your divorce was granted and there were no claims for Alimony or Equitable Distribution pending at the time the divorce was granted those claims are barred.

When I was first served with papers her lawyer asked for everything - to the best of my recollection, including my payment of his fees and maintenance/alimony.

So, according to your reply it looks as if the requests for my payment of his fees and maintenance/alimony lives on? Is there an amount of time in which this will expire?

No, if the claims are pending the do not expire and eventually hearings will be set in which the court will make rulings with respect to alimony, equitable distribution and attorney’s fees.