Make sense

I have a situation I was prepared to leave as of April 2011, unfortuanately June 2011 I lost my job.
Does being legally seperate mean you have to be actually living apart from each other for one complete year and do you apply for legal seperation after moving out of the home?
I unfortuanate have not found employment as of yet, so I am still in the household.Please advise the best you can.

Thank you in advance.

In North Carolina, you don’t file for separation. You are legally separated in NC when you live separate and apart from your spouse, with the intention to end the marital relationship. If you are still living in the marital home, even if it’s out of economic necessity, you are not legally separated. After one of you moves out, the clock will start running on your separation. You will then have to wait one year and one day after the separation before you can file for an absolute divorce.