Legal seperation while cohabiting


Hello, My wife and I have been legaly married in NC for 20 years. The last two years we have lived in the same house but not as “man and wife”. We have slept in seperate rooms, eat seperately and we have no real comunication or contact.
We have continued to live in the same house because I am disabled and confined to a wheelchair. My wife is paid to put me in and out of bed.
We have decided to get a divorce so my wife can seek love elsewhere.

My question is; Since in NC a couple must be Legally Seperated for 1 year before divorcing, does the time we’ve lived in the same house yet not as “man and wife” count as the seperation time?
There’s no arguing. I’ve signed Quit Claim deeds to all properties leaving everything to my wife.
Thank you for your time


No, you must live in separate residences for one year prior to filing for divorce.