Way Around Separation

I was informed by a friend that they new someone who was able to get a divorce in NC without going through the one year separation. Apparently, it was able to be proven that even though they had the same residence and mailing address they were still living two separate lifestyles. My wife (although I only call her this legally) are seeking a divorce after being broken up since 2012. However, we still live together just to split the rent and make it a little easier on the kids. However, neither one of us wants to do this anymore and are looking to separate at the end of our lease this coming September. However, if we are unable to we would still like to be divorced as we have lived separate lifestyles since the end of 2012. Is there anyway around the separation and could what my friend tells me about the person they know be true? Please help.


The law is still clear that you have to establish and live in separate residences for one year prior to filing for divorce. I personally have never heard of a case where a divorce was granted when the parties were still residing together.