Marital debt

If I file for absolute divorce and do not file for equitable distribution, will I still be liable for marital debt once the divorce is final ?

Any debts that are in your name, or joint names with your spouse will be your responsibility.

I am dealing with this same issue!!! my divorce is final!!! I have found out my X filed bankruptcy in hopes to remove my name from property so I would not be intited to anything, I got a bankruptcy lawyer to help me do a “stay Motion” that was filed. Now I am not sure what kind of help this did if anything for me. Please advise. Thank you

If you are already divorced, and do not have a claim for equitable distribution pending any property you owned becomes the property of the person in whose name it was titled. If real property is jointly titled you can file an action to partition the property in order to sever joint ownership and claim your interest in the property.