Mediation: Full Disclosure - Credit Card Statements?


In mediation for equitable distribution I know I need to bring all debt totals, credit card bills, etc.

It is required that I show all credit card statements for the past year(s) - if so how many years ?
I would think it enough to just provide proof of the each credit card balance.

Same with bank statements, must I show all bank statements from the past - and how long ?

If I do not what is the consequences, poor mediation ?


Unless the other side has asked for statements detailing a certain time period, I would recommend that you take statements preceding the date of separation by a year. This will enable all parties to take a good look at asset and debt values and have a good reference point for spending patterns during the marriage.


Do I have to disclose Credit Card Statements on credit card debts, I do not intend my spouse on paying ?


If they have been requested through formal discovery yes.